Digital Marketing

I develop and implement digital marketing strategies with the aim of achieving my clients’ commercial objectives in several business industries.

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Strategies that pay off

Digital marketing has extraordinary targeting potential, allowing you to reach your customers with a relatively low investment. I’ve been a consultant for more than 15 years and have had the opportunity to work with more than 100 clients from a wide range of activities. I know the specificities of implementing winning strategies in each business area.

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google ads

They are very effective in gaining visibility at the time of the search, but also important in the consideration phase through Remarketing, and in gaining awareness through Display and Youtube ads.

facebook/instagram ads

These are platforms where users have high levels of attention and are therefore receptive to advertising communications. There is great precision in terms of segmentation, making it possible to reach niches effectively.

facebook e instagram ads
serviço de SEO marketing digital

search engine optimisation

This is structural optimisation carried out on websites with the aim of improving visibility in unpaid search results on search engines. I provide diagnostic services, on-page implementation and local SEO.

email marketing

It’s a very effective service from a loyalty perspective and, in some cases, for obtaining new customers. I implement strategies to increase databases, create automations and periodic newsletters.

serviço de email marketing
serviço de marketing analytics

results monitoring

Use of tools to analyse the behaviour of visitors to the website and on social media. It is these statistics that indicate the performance of each advertising campaign, leading to strategic decisions.

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